Crossing the border: comparing Canadian and American mortgages Crossing the border: comparing Canadian and American mortgages

We may be neighbours, but in some ways, Canadian and American mortgages are a world apart.

Canadians surprisingly resilient, say mortgage hike isn't an issue

Canadians surprisingly resilient, say mortgage hike isn't an issue Claims support responsible borrowing. ... Read more

Declining affordability, home prices are main worries for Canadian home owners

Declining affordability, home prices are main worries for Canadian home owners Which Mortgage survey reveals homeowners' biggest concerns. ... Read more

Buy your condo online!

Buy your condo online! Your new condo could be a few clicks away. ... Read more


  • 26 Mar 2013
    Fighting title fraud

    Being a victim of title fraud can be a very frustrating. Learn tips and tricks to fighting title fraud and making sure you're not a victim of title fraud. Read more

  • 25 Mar 2013
    Creating positive cashflow

    Investment experts weigh-in on how you can build a property portfolio by keeping your cash flow positive and buying in smart areas Read more

  • 24 Mar 2013
    Mortgage options – bank versus broker

    You may be more comfortable going to your regular bank for a mortgage, but is that where you will get the best deal? Here are some suggestions on where to look for alternative sour ... Read more

  • 17 Mar 2013
    How to spot a credit card scam

    An estimated $10bn to $30bn is lost annually in fraud-related offences, according to the RCMP’s Commercial Crime Branch. Here’s how you can protect yourself from one of its most pr ... Read more

  • 13 Mar 2013
    Alternative Finance for Real Estate Investors: VTBs

    Which Mortgage delves into alternative financing and uncovers the power of the Vendor Take Back mortgage or VTB, we'll also explain promissory notes and vendor financing. Read more

  • 13 Mar 2013
    Mortgage ABCs: What does it all mean?

    Have a question about mortgage lingo? Here are the most commonly used mortgage words and phrases. Read more

  • 06 Mar 2013
    Alternative lenders beat up big banks

    Alternative lenders were the clear winners from last year’s mortgage rule changes, seizing the lion’s share of consolidated volume from the big banks. Read more

  • 06 Mar 2013
    How to calculate closing costs

    Closing costs are one-time payments that amount to as much as an additional 3 per cent of the purchase price of your new home, but first time home buyers can avoid a nasty surprise ... Read more

  • 02 Mar 2013
    RRSP Mortgages

    Most people know you can use RRSPs for a down payment on your first home. What savvy investors have come to realize is that you can also use these funds to finance investment prope ... Read more

  • 02 Mar 2013
    Rent vs. Buy?

    Prospective homebuyers trying to decide whether or not to take the leap into home ownership often find themselves weighing the pros and cons of renting versus buying. The truth is ... Read more

  • 01 Mar 2013
    Young families looking to lock in long-term

    Brokers, it may be time to check in with those young clients you helped into a condo five years ago. Dollars to donuts, they're now looking for houses and the kind of long-term mor ... Read more

  • 25 Feb 2013
    Brokers expect no surprises from BoC

    Departing Bank of Canada head Mark Carney will deliver a speech today on the economy and interest rates, with brokers anticipating little in the way of surprises. Read more

  • 19 Feb 2013
    Going pro – the benefits of using a Realtor

    Realtors may charge between 5-6% commission, but it is money well spent... Read more

  • 19 Feb 2013
    Understanding Chattels and Fixtures

    Can't tell your chattel from your fixture? Which Mortgage can help you navigate this legal minefield and clear up the difference between fixtures and chattels. Read more

  • 05 Feb 2013
    The 10 mortgage commandments

    Owning your own home can be heaven on earth, but if you ignore these simple rules you can end up with the mortgage from hell. Read more

  • 06 Jan 2013
    First Home Loan Negotiating

    By mastering the art of negotiation, you could potentially save yourself a lot of money on your mortgage. Learn how to negotiate your first home loan. Read more

  • 15 Oct 2012
    Accessing your home equity

    Your mortgage can build your investment assets, pay for your child’s education and free up some much-needed cash -- if you're smart about it. Read more

  • 06 Oct 2012
    Gen Y poised for home ownership

    Generation Y is on the cusp of making home ownership dreams a reality Read more

  • 13 Jun 2012
    Condo clients losing 'lender of last resort'

    The lender of last resort may be no longer, at least not for condo clients, as B lenders pull back from financing owner-occupieds, amid fears of a correction. Read more

  • 04 Jun 2012
    Haditaghi addresses FirstLine rumours

    It was whispered across the length and breadth of last week’s Mortgage Summit, but simply isn’t true, the founder of Pacific Mortgage Group telling the compan ... Read more

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