• Top 10 brokerage by volume
Geoff Willis and his team of 45 brokers at DLC Origin Mortgages have been operating in Vancouver for 10 years. Origin’s support staff plays a crucial role in the workflow process by providing a variable-cost assistant service that allows agents to delegate administrative duties and focus on taking care of clients and referral partners.

“I think it’s always helpful if you get a whole bunch of salespeople on the same page in terms of how they do it because then you can share best practices with each other,” Willis says. “As a result, I think our people are way more productive, and they get to have way more fun because they get to do the parts of the job that they most enjoy.”

Origin developed an operating system called OTTO (which has since been licensed to other brokerages) that manages the entire mortgage approval process from initial client application to distributing commissions. This also provides agents with automatic, consistent and ongoing communications and connections with clients.

Willis says Origin tends to look for agents with an entrepreneurial spirit. “We really believe that you have to stand out, you’ve got to be confident in what you bring to the party, what you bring to the process,” he says. “It isn’t about the rate; it isn’t about the lenders – it’s about you.”
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