VP of sales, Eastern region

When Elaine Taylor first entered the industry, she made a conscious decision to take a step back to achieve better work-life balance. Quickly, she realized that her decision not only affected her, but also her fellow team members, and she subsequently began to place more emphasis on her career. Today, as MCAP’s VP of sales, Taylor shares her story with young women to help shape their perspective on what it means to balance career and personal life. While she believes women are well represented in the industry, she does maintain that there’s a lack of gender balance at the executive levels. For that reason, she tries to educate other women by spreading awareness on what it means to live a balanced life. “The industry is demanding; the pace is demanding,” she says. “For many of us, this is not a 9-to-5 job and has a way of consuming us, mainly because we love what we do. Balancing that with family life and personal commitments is challenging and can lead to conflicts and compromises.”
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