TRACY VALKO,Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding
Mortgage broker/owner
Dominion Lending Centres Forest City Funding

Humility can go a long way in this industry, especially when it comes to listening to clients. DLC’s Tracy Valko has built her career on impressively consistent client relationships. She genuinely enjoys 
the daily dealings of interacting with clients, especially providing them with personalized strategies that can only come about through careful attention to a client’s wishes. 

“I love being a part of my clients’ journeys through life,” she says. “I’ve seen a large number of them get married and have families. It really is rewarding.” 
As for her own family, she finds that multitasking life’s roles, from business leader to wife and mom, can be challenging, especially when one strives to be exceptional at all of them. However, she feels the rewards far outweigh the challenges. “Personally,  I think we have come a long way in the financial industry where women each year are becoming more and more recognized and celebrated for all of their success,” she says. 
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