Top 75 Brokers

Top 75 Brokers

Last year was even better than 2014 for Canada’s top brokers. Our Top 75 racked up more than $6.5 billion in funded volume – an increase of nearly $1.5 billion over last year’s total for residential mortgages.
After gathering, checking and double-checking hundreds of submissions, we’ve once again narrowed down the Top 75 Brokers in Canada – and crowned a winner, whose 2015 volume of more than $350 million beat his 2014 total by upwards of $19 million. 

Both new brokers and veterans did well on this year’s list. Many brokers have appeared on the list before – and several of them significantly improved their position from last year.

Once again, we’ve also recognized the top 20 small market performers – those who do most of their work in areas where the average home price is $301,000 or less. 
All volume totals for the winning brokers were verified independently by each broker network.

Breakdown of the Top 75 Brokers


Each nominee for this year’s Top 75 Brokers list had to be employed as a mortgage professional, able to write loans, and their deals must have been personally initiated. They also had to provide a breakdown of their deals with verifiable lender contact information. All deals were residential, and while back-office support in processing the loans is acceptable, no other parties could receive commissions on these deals.


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