Simon Lyn, Mortgage agent
Favourite mortgage product: MCAP Value-Flex

Years as an independent: Less than 1
Always independent: No
Number of employees: 8
Volume in 2015: $190 million

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the broker industry?

Constant changes due to government regulations, and unrealistic perception by consumers of products that are being advertised on the Internet.

In your view, what is the biggest advantage of being independent?

Being able to manage your personal branding, and controlling how revenues are used and reinvested to help build your business.

What do you do to cultivate your brand to make it memorable for clients?

Being a boutique start-up, our plan is to portray a brand that reflects our tailored approach to each individual transaction. Forging a long-term relationship and mapping out a plan that fits our clients’ individual needs, we are Bespoke.

What does your company do differently to stand out from the competition?

Our company delivers a unique set of steps that allow the client to understand the process at every stage, in addition to the type of product they are entering into and the basis of the selection of that product. Our customized CRM program, which has been developed for post-closing communication, will keep the borrower engaged throughout the life of the mortgage. Our focus is on building lifelong relationships.

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