Gord McCallum, Founder, president and CEO
Favourite mortgage product: Whichever one the client needs

Years as an independent: 13
Always independent: No
Number of employees: 3

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the broker industry?

Lacklustre M&A market, poor growth financing options, and difficulty valuing books of business. Exit and retirement options are poor.

In your view, what is the biggest advantage of being independent?

It satisfies the entrepreneurial itch that I have to put my own stamp on something. From a branding standpoint, you have the ability to define yourself rather than being defined by the other agents that the brokerage chooses to hire.

What does your company do differently to stand out from the competition?

We are three companies in one – very diversified – which gives us a ton of solutions for our clients. Mortgages, home/auto/commercial insurance, life insurance, disability, group benefits, plus full-service banking, which will roll out this summer.
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