DANIELLE HILL,Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres
Mortgage agent
Age: 28

Danielle Hill broke into the lending business at a young age. “My father, Gary Meger, has always been my motivation for getting into this business,” she says. “He has shared his knowledge and passion and taught me the importance of always loving what you do.”

An industry veteran at the young age of 28, Hill believes that when operating in a hot market such as her home base in the GTA, speed is key. “The market here moves really quickly, so it puts a lot of emphasis on making sure your clients are pre-approved and have all of their documents upfront,” she says. “That means that if you find a property, you can move forward right away.”

Speedy service also comes into play when dealing with millennial borrowers, Hill observes. “The speed that people expect answers is different between the generations. With younger clients, it is a matter of hours, so you build your team to be able to work with them. With low interest rates, that is becoming the norm. Older clients can remember interest rates of 10%.”

But Hill knows interest rates won’t stay this low forever, and she stresses the importance of communicating that to clients. “I think it’s important that you have that conversation with clients and make sure they are comfortable with what they're buying,” she says. “You need to make sure they can afford their mortgage payments at these low rates, but also if they went up.”
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