Lender's marketing to poke fun at 'over-zealous' real estate agents

Real estate agents who target retirees as potential home sellers are to be parodied in a new marketing campaign.

It’s in response to a survey which shows that 93% of retirees believe it’s important to stay in their current home throughout their retirement, even though many feel pressured to sell to fund their senior years.

The Ipsos poll commissioned by HomeEquity Bank also shows that retaining independence is the top reason why retirees don’t want to sell their home (69%). More than half want to stay close to friends and family.

"We know from talking to older Canadian homeowners that they are increasingly approached by door-knocking Realtors and property peepers, wondering if the home is for sale," said Yvonne Ziomecki, Executive Vice President, for HomeEquity Bank. "As older Canadians are living longer and realize the benefits of staying in their homes longer, they greatly value the sense of community, independence and the familiar comforts of home."

HomeEquity Bank is a leading supplier of reverse mortgages and has launched a new marketing campaign called “There’s No Retirement Like Home” which will poke fun at over-zealous real estate agents – the poll shows that 24% of retirees have been approached by real estate agents.


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