Lone Wolf announces Canadian real estate first

A leading real estate software firm has announced a new product that it says will transform real estate transactions.

Lone Wolf is launching Link, the first wo-way transaction management and back office integration; which connects TransactionDesk and brokerWOLF, Lone Wolf's transaction management and back office and accounting solutions, respectively, sending information between the two in real time so agents and brokers always have the latest transaction data.

"We're elated to release Link to the real estate industry," said Jack Blaha, CEO of Lone Wolf Technologies. "For the first time, agents and brokerages can share transaction and back office information in real time. This means simpler and faster transactions for all of the parties involved, whether they're an agent, Broker/Owner, staff, or even a home buyer or seller. I'm confident Link will set the standard for real estate transaction management in North America."

TransactionDesk already has more than 700,000 real estate agent subscribers and includes eSignature, forms, MLS integration, document storage, broker dashboards, broker file review, transaction templates, and company-wide checklists.

The back office and accounting solution brokerWOLF combines traditional accounting functions, such as commissions, with operational functions, such as transactions.

"Link is the most important development in real estate technology in some time," said Matt Goddard, General Manager of Back Office at Lone Wolf. "Link connects two industry-leading products, TransactionDesk and brokerWOLF, in a way that's never been done before. The impact this will have on the real estate industry is significant. With agents and brokerages in lockstep on every deal, I expect Link will redefine the transaction experience and become the future of real estate transaction management. Lone Wolf is the only company that can provide it."


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