Saving money may be easier than you think – the trick is to focus on your goal and stick to your guns. Here are some sound strategies to putting more money in your savings account.
  1. Sell unused goods
Cast an eye over all your belongings and be completely ruthless in your assessment. Do you really need five winter coats, an extra fridge and those cross-country skiis? Figure out what you can live without and put it up on eBay or your local notice board.
  1. Ditch the take-out
It’s nice when your favourite Chinese take-out restaurant knows you by name, but it also could be a sign that you have an expensive habit. Cutting back on your weekly take-out treats could save you $200 a month.
  1. Review your bills and utilities
How many times have you switched on the TV only to find there’s nothing on that you want to watch? Cutting or paring down your cable package could save your $50-$100. It also pays to shop around for cheaper insurance – it’s a competitive market out there and your provider should be offering a competitive rate.
  1. Get a library card
Your local library offers more than just books – DVDs, CDs and magazines are also available. By skipping a night out at the movies and getting a free movie from the library you could save $15 to $60 a month.
  1. Exercise outside
Gym memberships can be costly. Unless you hitting the gym three times a week, you’re probably not getting any value from your membership. Why not skip the gym and look for other ways to incorporate exercise in to your life? You could try running or walking outside. Or better yet, leaving the car at home for local errands and walk to the shops instead. Not only will you be getting more exercise, but you’ll be saving on gas as well.

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