​A campaign centred on the creation of affordable housing in Calgary is gaining attention after it placing an ad on the popular booking website Airbnb.
The “Trigger” ad by Mustard Seed, however, is quite different from the usual ones posted in Airbnb for people looking for homestays: it features a street corner behind a dumpster.
With only 1.4% vacancy rate, the city has a long waiting list of people in desperate need of affordable housing right now, the 660 News reported.
Mustard Seed and a communications company spearhead the campaign running until 24 December to address the lack of affordable housing which is at a “crisis level.”
“If you’re looking for a place to stay in Calgary, you might check out Airbnb. Imagine if you were homeless, these are the kinds of places you would stay. You can donate to the Mustard Seed or another homeless agency in Calgary to help people not spending the night there,” spokesperson Karen Taylor-Binnie said.
She added the campaign launch was not on purpose even as it coincides with the secondary suite debate at City Hall. Taylor-Binnie noted that with the vacancy rate being so low, it’s difficult to find a dwelling in the city.
To date, the organization claims “over 38,000 renter households are in need of affordable housing and another 33,580 households that own their own home are at risk of losing them as they are one or two paychecks away from not being able to pay their mortgage.”

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