Getting an education before you embark on your property investment adventure can save you time and money. There are several institutions that can help you on your path to property enlightment – here are a few options:

Cost-effective courses
The one-day Power Workshop, offered by Growth Strategies in Brampton, Ont. for $369 is a great option for investors looking to get the basics. The workshop includes six steps to success in the business of real estate, how to build your brand and attract joint venture partners and how to run a family business. Each workshop includes real life examples and an interactive discussion.

For investors looking for a little more one-on-one instruction, The Mentorship Program by Wealth Intelligence Academy is a good option. It provides individual sessions with a seasoned real estate investor who is willing to share his or her strategies, knowledge and experiences. Mentors can review previous deals, assist with current ones and evaluate future prospects for students.

Investors should note these programs can cost in the thousands, but are tailored to the individual needs of the student, who is typically able to contact the mentor at his or her leisure.

The program can run anywhere from a couple of months up to two years.

Also, for an all-in-one training course that covers all aspects of real estate investing including how to structure ‘risk-free’ deals and where opportunities exist, there is PREIG Canada’s Real Estate Millionaire Secrets Seminar that is being offered nationally throughout the year for $997.

For investors looking for in-depth instruction on a particular strategy, there are speciality courses available.
Real Estate Investment Network in Edmonton, Alta. offers a Joint Venture Secrets for Canadians course, which includes a 12-CD and 700-page home study program for $987. It provides investors with sample forms such as legal agreements, analysis papers and case studies of examples that have worked in the past.

Another specialty course is the Condo Conversion Secrets for Canadians, also through Real Estate Investment Network. The program, which costs $1,497, includes a 1,000-page step-by-step manual and CDs. Past attendees say the program saved them thousands of dollars and made their portfolio values increase dramatically, even during the downturn.

Investors who want to learn more about foreclosure and power of sale properties can attend a Canadian Wealth Builders training course that is province-specific. Students learn about the entire process, including the mortgage act and laws so they have the knowledge to challenge any lawyer, bailiff or lender. Costs vary depending on the area and length of commitment. Generally training courses last up to three days.

Canadian Wealth Builders also offers an RRSP and Creative Financing Apprenticeship, which shows students how to make their money work for them. Students learn the various ways of how to use an RRSP for real estate investing and are trained in the ways of a private lender.

One feature of this program is that students can call during business hours with no extra cost or time limit, says Gord Lemon, vice-president at Canadian Wealth Builders. “We will help them through any deal they are considering at the moment. We figure if our students are successful, we will be too.”

CANREIG is another organization that offers a creative financing course, only it’s is a three-day retreat during which investors are taught how to put together investment deals. This course is now being offered on the West Coast and students can learn how to increase their returns by buying properties with other people’s money.

How to choose
Investors are advised to check-out the course prior to paying any money to ensure that they are legitimate educational opportunities. Check references and referrals and get the opinion of past attendees. Also, avoid institutions that try to sell properties or invest money for you.
Growth Strategies
Power workshop
One-day course covers all the basics of investing
Wealth Intelligence Academy
The Mentorship Program
One-on-one sessions with a seasoned real estate investor
Real Estate Millionaire Secrets Seminar
How to structure ‘risk-free’ deals and where deals can be found
Joint Venture Secrets for Canadians
12-CD and 700-page home study program
Condo Conversion Secrets for Canadians
1,000-page step-by-step manual
Canadian Wealth Builders
RRSP and Creative Financing Apprenticeship
How to use an RRSP for real estate investing
Canadian Wealth Builders
Foreclosures and power of sale properties
Learn about the mortgage act and laws
Creative financing
3-day retreat where investors learn how to put together investment deals

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