What to consider when refinancing :

  • Watch interest rates, but know it’s not an exact science
  • Be mindful of the financial implications of your decisionSomething to remember: discounted fixed five-year rates are at their lowest level in Canadian history
  • Refinancing at today’s rates could save you thousands of dollars
  • Still, take the time to analyze the long-term “ups and downs” of your debt
  • Remember good financial health is as much a function of debt management as investment management
The second part of the refinancing equation is determining whether it’s right for you. Here’s how to figure it out:
  • Take the time to write down all of your current debt obligations and rank them from highest to lowest
  • Once you have totalled all your debts write your minimum payments beside them
  • With the two columns side by side – total them up
  • Then compare the costs of breaking your mortgage
  • Talk to a mortgage broker to see (1) how much you’ll save making lower payments
  • And (2) how lower payments will have a greater affect on the principal

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