Top mortgage brokers in Canada2013 was a breeze compared to the storminess of 2012.

Still, there was no shortage of challenges thrown in the way, though brokers did more than eke out a living, collecting commissions on $4.38 billion in funded volume, specifically on residential mortgages.

When all the submissions were gathered and double-checked, we – once again – crowned a new winner, recording a whopping $258,615,820 – an increase of $57,610,620 over his tally from 2012. Of course, you’ll have to read on to discover who this mystery broker is.

CMP is very proud of the diversity of this year’s list. Brokers from nine out of 10 provinces are represented, including Quebec.

Some of those same names appear on CMP’s third Small Market Top 20, which recognizes the successes of top performers in markets where the average home price is $290,000 or less.

Together, both lists point to an unmistakable trend, one we have also noticed: the gap is continuing to grow between the very top performers in this industry and other mortgage professionals.

The top five this year contributed nearly 20 per cent of the total funded volume for the entire list.

Rank Name Company City / Town Funded Volume (S) Email
1 Collin Bruce Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors Edmonton, Alta. 258,615,820
2 Dave Butler Verico Butler Mortgage Inc. Mississauga / Hamilton, Ont. 201,973,043
3 Harman Arora Dominion Lending Centres House Calgary, Alta. 126,000,000
4 Christine Xu Mortgage Architects Markham, Ont. 120,034,969
5 Michael Noik Dominion Lending Centres Centura Finance Montreal, Que. 112,400,000
6 Irina Antipova Axiom Assured Mortgage Services Toronto, Ont. 102,196,597
7 Scott Travelbea Dominion Lending Centres & Travelbea Associates Victoria, B.C. 99,393,338
8 Christopher Bisson The Mortgage Centre Complementary Real Estate
Services Inc.
Guelph, Ont. 96,448,244
9 Mark Goode Mortgage Man Dominion Lending Centres Orillia, Ont. 82,549,712
10 Angela Calla Dominion Lending Centres Angela Calla Mortgage Team Port Coquitlam, B.C. 81,732,056
11 Viktor Schaefer Verico Onelink Mortgage & Financial Steinbach, Man 78,277,110
12 Susie Inglis Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Evolution North Vancouver, B.C. 76,211,831
13 Nicholas L'Ecuyer Verico The Mortgage Wellness Group Barrie, Ont. 72,678,321
14 Win Lui Verico Clear Trust Mortgages Vancouver, B.C. 72,673,881
15 Skye McLean Mortgage Architects Atlantic (HS) Financial Calgary, Alta. 70,445,399
16 Dustan Woodhouse Dominion Lending Centres Canadian Mortgage Experts Coquitlam, B.C. 70,267,574
17 Steven Brouwer Dominion Lending Centres Drake Entrust Mortgage Services Chilliwack, B.C. 64,534,256
18 Jordan D'Haese Jayman Financial Calgary, Alta. 64,482,396
19 Terry Kilakos Verico North East Mortgages Montreal, Que. 63,432,457
20 Shawn Allen Matrix Mortgage Global Toronto, Ont. 62,000,000
21 Jordi Browne Verico By Referral Mortgage Corp Chilliwack, B.C. 59,399,225
22 Debbie Belair Dominion Lending Centres Smart Debt Ottawa, Ont. 59,243,000
23 Andre L'Ecuyer Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Petawawa, Ont. 58,765,649
24 James Loewen RMAI Loewen Group Mortgages Burlington, Ont. 56,487,343
25 Chris Landry Verico Paragon Mortgage Group Vancouver, B.C. 56,111,824
26 Nick Kaaki Dominion Lending Centres The Mortgage Source Ottawa, Ont. 54,068,075
27 Todd Payzant Dominion Lending Centres Neighbourhood Sudbury, Ont. 53,987,768
28 Deborah White Dominion Lending Centres White House Mortgages Vernon, B.C. 53,609,317
29 Greg Martel Dominion Lending Centres Zilla Mortgage Corp. Victoria, B.C. 53,079,415
30 Ling Lem Jayman Financial Calgary, Alta. 52,787,304
31 David Griffin Dominion Lending Centres Griffin Financial Group Peterborough, Ont. 52,113,395
32 Enza Venuto Centum Vaughan, Ont. 52,000,000
33 Bernadette P.
Verico Xeva Mortgage LLP Burnaby, B.C. 51,702,029
34 Narish Maharaj Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors Edmonton, Alta. 51,210,843
35 John Panagakos Dominion Lending Centres Home Financial Inc. Toronto, Ont. 51,000,000
36 Lisa Manwaring Meridian Southwest Mortgage Delta, B.C. 49,000,000
37 Max Omar Dominion Lending Centres Capital Region Edmonton, Alta. 47,294,256
38 Tammy Pope Jayman Financial Edmonton, Alta. 47,093,778
39 Adam Bazuk Dominion Lending Centres YBM Group Ltd. Thornton, Ont. 46,369,985
40 Janet MacDonald Verico The Mortgage Professionals Kingston, Ont. 46,154,758
41 Joseph Park Verico JP Mortgage Services Toronto, Ont. 45,000,000
42 Ron Lefebvre Invis Pure Mortgage Edmonton, Alta. 44,585,773
43 Jeff Attwooll Verico K-W Mortgage Inc. Cambridge, Ont. 44,137,751
44 Clinton Wilkins CENTUM Home Lenders Ltd. Dartmouth, N.S. 43,810,825
45 Mackenzie Gartside VERICO Select Courtenay, B.C. 43,122,995
46 Sabeena Bubber Verico Xeva Mortgage West Vancouver, B.C. 43,083,280
47 Morris Briglio Verico The Mortgage Advantage North Vancouver, B.C. 43,066,700
48 Sundeep Saggu Verico The Mortgage Wizards Toronto, Ont. 42,181,141
49 Adil Mawji Invis Calgary, Alta. 41,826,101
50 Yves Cormier Verico Cormier & Cormier Consulting Edmundston, N.B. 41,708,867
51 Jody Henry Dominion Lending Centres Arrowsmith Qualicum Beach, B.C. 41,322,374
52 Gert Martens Dominion Lending Centres HT Mortgage Group Grande Prairie, Alta. 40,896,633
53 Luisa Hough Verico Xeva Mortgage Surrey, B.C. 40,580,689
54 Charlene Elliott Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors Fort McMurray, Alta. 40,113,774
55 Karen Garrett Dominion Lending Centres Sea to Sky Mortgages Whistler, B.C. 39,971,500
56 Sarah Davison Mortgage Intelligence Grande Prairie, Alta. 39,028,682
57 Kent Bittner Dominion Lending Centres Bittner Mortgages Regina, Sask. 39,021,000
58 Scott H. Bentley Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre Halifax, N.S. 39,015,917
59 Jason Georgopoulos Dominion Lending Centres Estate Mortgages Inc. Toronto, Ont. 39,000,000
60 Sharnjit Singh Gill Verico Superior Mortgage Inc Surrey, B.C. 38,319,195
61 Denny Segal Dominion Lending Centres Origin Home Financial Partners Vancouver, B.C. 38,000,000
62 Dave McNabb Dominion Lending Centres Regional Mortgage Group Red Deer, Alta. 37,109,822
63 Anthony Spadafora Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre Burlington, Ont. 36,972,145
64 James Harrison Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village Mississauga, Ont. 35,270,567
65 (tie) Lena Ohanjanians Verico Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solutions Toronto, Ont. 34,757,500
65 (tie) Catherine Evel Dominion Lending Centres Homestead Financial Waterdown, Ont. 34,757,500
66 Terry Short The Mortgage Centre Advantage Financial Services Inc. St John's, Nfld. 34,410,802
67 Teague Brinkworth The Mortgage Centre Dico Holdings Inc./ Mortgage West
Brokers Inc.
Kamloops, B.C. 34,265,303
68 Ryan Joseph Jayman Financial Calgary, Alta. 34,127,818
69 Barry Patchett Dominion Lending Centres Great Lakes Kitchener/Waterloo, Ont. 34,103,403
70 Liliana Peric Dominion Lending Centres Capital Region Edmonton, Alta. 33,710,000
71 Jean-Guy Turcotte Dominion Lending Centres Regional Mortgage Group Red Deer, Alta. 33,442,458
72 Pierre J. Blais Jayman Financial Edmonton, Alta. 32,940,968
73 Corey Klassen Dominion Lending Centres Powerhouse Mortgages Saskatoon, Sask. 32,895,036
74 Ken Lankin Mortgage Intelligence Niagara Falls, Ont. 32,780,714
75 Denise Devente Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Evolution Vancouver, B.C. 32,581,893

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