It’s the ones who pay for the hydro who get to decide about whether or not the condominium unit will have Christmas lights during the holidays. That’s the lesson learned for many a condominium owner or tenant during this Yuletide season.  
In her column for the National Post, Marilyn Lincoln advises eager condo units who cannot wait to put up their decoration to instead slow down, check their contract, or consult with the concerned condominium managers.  Ultimately, the latter will decide if you can hang those glowing Christmas balls on your balcony – or not.
Each condominium has its own policy on this matter.  Some management committees will allow the condo owner or tenant if he is the one paying for his electric power.  In other cases where they pay for the current, management may limit or outright forbid Christmas lights in order to save on power consumption.
Word of wisdom to condo owners getting high on Christmas cheer:  when in doubt, talk to your condo management board of directors.

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