Dalia Barsoum from CENTUM Streetwise Mortgages

Dalia Barsoum

Dalia Barsoum is a speaker, mortgage broker, seasoned investor and co-author of Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing – 7 Secrets to Getting all the Money You Want. She is a regular columnist for Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine and a contributor to other media sources.

Dalia is an ex-banker with over 17 years of finance experience in the areas of lending, wealth management, personal and commercial banking and strategy. Prior to becoming independent, she held various senior management positions with one of Canada’s big five banks, with the most recent experience overlooking the management and development of investment products totaling $7 billion in assets under management.

To learn more, please visit Dalia's website at http://www.streetwisemortgages.com/.


Wednesday Oct 16, 2019
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