Company: Advent Mortgage Services
Location: Unionville, Ont. Total volume: $320,700,000 Loans funded: 645

You’ve had a great year – what do you attribute your success to? 

There are many factors to which I attribute my success: (1) hard work; (2) I truly enjoy what I do; (3) the best team in the industry. I would not be here if not for John Papadopoulos, Jerry Danese and Rocco Mongelli. And (4), most importantly, a loving and understanding wife and children who put up with interrupting calls from clients at all hours.
What tip would you give new brokers who strive to achieve impressive volume? It is all about the client. You need to find value for the client, and once you do, there is no reason why you can’t succeed. Take the time find the value – and once the client sees this, you all win.

What are the challenges that might impact volume growth for brokers in the future? 

Truly, I do not see any challenges that will impact broker volumes. Change is inevitable, and a lot of it will require brokers to work harder and smarter to get their deals done. There is so much business and opportunity in this industry that you cannot help but be successful as long as you are able to adapt and change with the market. We’re all fortunate to be in this great industry.
What was your most rewarding deal in 2015?

My most rewarding deal was with a client who had health issues, which pushed them to a B lender, and they were stuck there for a few years. We were able to make the case to an A lender, which was approved, and it dropped their costs to less than half. This client is now back on track with his finances – enough so that he can focus on his health. This client emails me every month when his mortgage payment goes out, and he still cannot believe the deal we were able to secure for him.

What does being a Top 75 Broker mean to you?

Being a Top 75 Broker is a terrific accolade for another successful year and our hard work.

FSCO license: M08000030