Adam Padfield, Century 21 Heritage House

Adam Padfield, Century 21 Heritage House

Age: 34

Adam Padfield’s father, a 25-year veteran of the industry, helped initiate Adam into the world of real estate 13 years ago. While Padfield’s father has since passed away, his lessons have lived on.

“He was happy to mentor me when I showed an interest in the business and helped me get started,” Padfield says. “There have been so many times since he passed away that I have heard his advice in my head.”

Padfield has combined that advice with professional coaching and innovative marketing strategies to further establish himself in a busy Kitchener market. His efforts have been noticed not only by his clients, but by one of his sons.

“He told me that he would like to sell houses just like me. I think it would be wonderful to pass on the same gift to my son that my dad gave to me.”