Amit Dhawan, Century 21 Atria Realty

Amit Dhawan, Century 21 Atria Realty

Age: 34

Eight years into his career as a Realtor, Amit Dhawan is still as energetic as he was on Day One.

“Sitting behind a desk all day isn’t an option for me,” Dhawan says. “I like to be out and about in my city with my clients all day long.”

As Toronto’s wild market begins to enter a period of uncertainty, Dhawan remains dedicated to an approach based on transparency and warmth. “I genuinely care about my clients,” he says. “I fight for them, treat them like family and always tell them the truth – even if it’s not what they want to hear.”

Dhawan says the satisfaction of two important non-clients is a major factor in how he conducts his business. “My biggest accomplishment has been making my parents proud of my hard work and success. It’s the fuel that keeps me going every day.”