BRIAN HOGBEN,Mission35 Mortgages
Mortgage broker

Brian Hogben’s biggest challenge in 2016 was also his biggest accomplishment: “2016 was a tough year for change, as we went 100% independent with our own brand, Mission35 Mortgages,” he says. “Making the change had a lot of moving parts, and even resulted in some people leaving our team.”

Mission35 Mortgages focuses not only on securing mortgages, but also on financial freedom, literacy and education through real estate and investment. “As our space becomes increasingly more competitive in 2017, we think that by adding an exceptional amount of value to our customers, we will be successful,” Hogben says. “We are doing this to create a community of like-minded individuals all with similar goals, and with ongoing education for our clients on real estate investment. We will be doing this through online education courses as well as monthly investment seminars on how to redefine your retirement.”

Hogben has also been working on a book, slated to be published this spring. The title? Mission35.
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