CMP Top 75 Brokers 2019

CMP Top 75 Brokers 2019

Even a down market could not slow down the industry’s top brokers – the 75 mortgage brokers on the following pages all surpassed the $59 million mark in volume last year, and found ways to roll with the punches – or in this case, rising interest rates and stress tests – to become the industry’s top-volume brokers. Having made it to the top of the pack during one of the industry’s most challenging years, many Top 75 Brokers only see brighter roads ahead.  

To shine the spotlight on brokers pulling in impressive volumes in more limiting market, there is the Top 20 Small Market Brokers list, which proves success can be found even within the nation’s smallest communities.

With a common passion for making homeownership a reality for thousands of Canadians, the Top 75 have turned their passion into admirable success, and here, they share with CMP the keys to their business and where they see the market heading in 2019. 

To qualify for Top 75 Brokers, applicants had to be employed and licensed as a mortgage broker in 2018, and had to have personally initiated all the residential deals/volume submitted. Brokers also had to provide a breakdown of their deals with verifiable lender contact information. All deals were residential, and while back-office support in processing the loans was acceptable, no other parties could receive commissions on these deals.

1. Dave Butler, Butler Mortgage,Butler Mortgage 2. Collin Bruce, DLC Mortgage Mentors,DLC Mortgage Mentors 3. Elvis Hui, DLC Guaranti Mortgages,DLC Guaranti Mortgages 4. Scott Travelbea, DLC Travelbea & Associates,DLC Travelbea & Associates
5. Lev Keselman, Verico Paragon Mortgage,Verico Paragon Mortgage 6. Shawn Stillman, Mortgage Outlet,Mortgage Outlet 7. Christine Xu, Moneybroker Canada – Mortgage Archite,Moneybroker Canada – Mortgage Architects 8. Joanna Lang, Outline Financial,Outline Financial
9. Win Lui, Clear Trust Mortgages,Clear Trust Mortgages 10. Mackenzie Gartside,Select Mortgage Group Mackenzie Gartside & Associates 11. Paul Gazzola, Guelph Mortgage Architects,Guelph Mortgage Architects 12. Vu Le, Clear Trust Mortgages,Clear Trust Mortgages
13. Nicholas L'Ecuyer,Verico The Mortgage Wellness Group 14. Daniel Patton, Butler Mortgages,Butler Mortgages 15. Dave Griffin, DLC Griffin Financial Group,DLC Griffin Financial Group 16. Jason Friesen, Outline Financial,Outline Financial
17. Dalia Barsoum, Streetwise Mortgages,Streetwise Mortgages 18. Kyle Green, DLC Homeline Mortgages,DLC Homeline Mortgages 19. Barry Baboolal, DLC BMB Mortgage Partners,DLC BMB Mortgage Partners 20. Vikram Sran, Sandhu & Sran Mortgages,Sandhu & Sran Mortgages
21. Drew Donaldson, SafeBridge Financial Group,SafeBridge Financial Group 22. Viktor Schaefer, VS Solutions,VS Solutions 23. Paul Meredith, CityCan Financial Corp.,CityCan Financial Corp. 24. Ramin Nazaradeh, DLC A Better Way,DLC A Better Way
25. Tracy Valko, DLC Valko Financial,DLC Valko Financial 26. Asim Ali,Dominion Lending Centres Producers West Financial 27. Eitan Pinsky, DLC Origin Pinsky Mortgages,DLC Origin Pinsky Mortgages 28. James Harrison, Mortgage Architects Brokerage,Mortgage Architects Brokerage
29. Bryan Jaskolka, Canadian Mortgages Inc.,Canadian Mortgages Inc. 31 (tie). Angela Calla, DLC Angela Calla Mortgage Team,DLC Angela Calla Mortgage Team 31 (tie). Serguei Totrov, DLC Your Mortgage Choice,DLC Your Mortgage Choice 32. Clinton Wilkins, Centum Home Lenders,Centum Home Lenders
33. Harry Toor, Mortgage Wisdom Corporation,Mortgage Wisdom Corporation 34. Max Afzalimehr, Syndicate Mortgages,Syndicate Mortgages 35. Derek MacLean, Verico Capital Mortgages,Verico Capital Mortgages 36. Alex McFadyen, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts,DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts
37. Tracy Luciani Price, DLC Forest City Funding,DLC Forest City Funding 38. Enza Venuto, Centum Intouch Mortgage Solutions,Centum Intouch Mortgage Solutions 39. Janna Dawdy,, 40. Susie Inglis, DLC Mortgage Evolution,DLC Mortgage Evolution
41. Scott H. Bentley, Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre,Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre 42. James Loewen, Loewen Group Mortgages,Loewen Group Mortgages 43. Pearl Kwan, Dominion Lending Centres Origin,Dominion Lending Centres Origin 44. Jeff Attwooll, Verico Equity Care Mortgages,Verico Equity Care Mortgages
45. Kurt Henry, The Mortgage Centre Canada,The Mortgage Centre Canada 46. Lena Ohanjanians, Ultimate Mortgage & Finance Solutions,Ultimate Mortgage & Finance Solutions 47. Geoff Lee,DLC Entrust Mortgage Services/GLM Mortgage Group 48. Varun Chaudhry, Kraft Mortgages Canada,Kraft Mortgages Canada
49. Nick Kaaki, DLC The Mortgage Source,DLC The Mortgage Source 50. Sabeena Bubber, Verico Xeva Mortgage,Verico Xeva Mortgage 51. Zach Silverman, Silverman Mortgage Group,Silverman Mortgage Group 52. Brandon Woodward, Mortgage Financial Corporation,Mortgage Financial Corporation
53. Chris Allard, DLC Smart Debt,DLC Smart Debt 54. Michael Wang, Focal Mortgage,Focal Mortgage, The Mortgage Centre Canada 55. William R. Macklem, DLC Macklem Mortgages,DLC Macklem Mortgages 56. Chad Oyhenart, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts,DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts
57. Ken Lankin, The Mortgage Centre,The Mortgage Centre - Your Mortgage Professionals 58. Luisa Hough, Verico Xeva Mortgage,Verico Xeva Mortgage 59. Gert Martens, DLC HT Mortgage Group,DLC HT Mortgage Group 60. Philippe Breault Raymond, CanWise Hypothèques,CanWise Hypothèques
61. James Lai, Company, DLC Clear Trust Mortgages,DLC Clear Trust Mortgages 62. Dion Beg, Butler Mortgage,Butler Mortgage 63. Iseela Ibrahimi, DLC Paragon Home Capital,DLC Paragon Home Capital 64. Robert Cagnin, Mortgage Architects,Mortgage Architects
65. Cecilia Ramos, Verico Ultimate Mortgage & Finance Solutions,Verico Ultimate Mortgage and Finance Solutions 66. Christian Amurao, DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts,DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts 67. Philippe Simard, CanWise Hypothèques,CanWise Hypothèques 68. Kelly Wilson, Invis The Wilson Team,Invis The Wilson Team
69. Rakhi Madan, DLC Key Mortgage Partners,DLC Key Mortgage Partners 70. James De Vuyst, Verico Xeva Mortgage,Verico Xeva Mortgage 71. Deb White, DLC White House Mortgages,DLC White House Mortgages 72. Jordan D'Haese, Jayman Financial,Jayman Financial
73. Phil Cragg, Mortgage Outlet,Mortgage Outlet 74. Matthew O'Neil, Mortgage Intelligence,Mortgage Intelligence 75. Wyatt Tunnicliffe, DLC Gold Financial Services,DLC Gold Financial Services