• Top 10 brokerage by volume
Operating in Vancouver for more than 20 years, the 24-agent team at Dominion Lending Centres City Wide Mortgage Services funded an average of $6.5 million per broker in 2015.

“In team-building and team meetings, we encourage everybody to assist everybody else because everybody has a different niche,” says senior mortgage planner Wayne Mah. “It encourages everybody to help everybody out when they have question about a certain deal.”

The mortgage industry has changed dramatically since the days when brokers were seen as a last resort. Now, however, there are different challenges, including finding ways to show potential team members the value and support they’ll get from City Wide. Mah says that many of their brokers started as newbies, but others have come by word of mouth.

“People get along; people have fun together,” he says. “We work, but then there are a lot of activities that we do outside of the office as a group as well. So far it’s just been a perfect blend of different characteristics of the individuals."

City Wide also created the SPIRIT Foundation in 2012, which has raised $16,000 to support various causes in the community.