• Top 10 brokerage by volume

Dominion Lending Centres Clear Trust Mortgages came onto the scene five years ago; in 2015, it completed 4,000 transactions, the highest number of all of this year’s Top Brokerages. CEO and managing director Robert Afan says helping new brokers get started in the industry is one of his favourite parts of the job. “Mortgage brokering is a challenging career, and we wanted to make sure that not only do they have the right support, but also the right encouragement and the right guidance as they get into this business.”

To that end, Clear Trust provides coaching sessions, workshops and dedicated support for any broker who needs help packaging a deal. Brokering can be a lonely business, and it’s easy to lose focus without peers around you on a daily basis. But that’s why Afan started a brokerage in the first place.

“I thought I had something to offer,” he explains. “I thought the business model that I created, which is focusing and putting an emphasis on making sure that every broker that we bring into our organization is fully supported, would be well received in the mortgage brokerage community. And I know that’s a cliché, I know everybody talks about, ‘Hey, come and join us; we’re going to support you,’ but to me, I see that all the time. I see that there are some brokers out there who think that once they get their licence, it’s easy to be successful, but it’s not.”

FSCO license: 12806