• Top 10 brokerage by volume

Last year, Sherwood Mortgage Group’s 30-plus agents completed 1,200 transactions, funding $650 million in volume. Its core group, led by Anthony Contento, moved to the brokerage side from “the Big Blue Bank” and brought agents on board whom they already knew. Over the years, Sherwood has put a high priority on maintaining that family culture – Contento insists that an intimate familiarity among agents is imperative to the environment at his brokerage.

“As much as the agent coming on board wants to make sure that the company can provide everything they need to make their business progress as well as their career, I would always ensure that the agent also sees the big picture that the company needs to grow with the individual,” he says. “It’s a two-way street, and it all comes from really knowing who you’re bringing on board and what the value proposition is on both sides.”

Working with brokers he knows also allows Contento to foster an atmosphere of trust. “I’m not one of those people where you have to earn my trust,” he says. “My trust is given to you right from the beginning, so it’s yours to lose.”

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