BARB MORGAN,Invis/Mortgage Intelligence
VP, Ontario
Invis/Mortgage Intelligence

At times, the tight-knit mortgage community can feel like family. For Barb Morgan of Invis/Mortgage Intelligence, watching her agents and brokers progress in their respective careers brings genuine joy. “I’ve worked with some amazing bosses, mentors, lender teammates and brokers – some of us for over 20 years now,” she says. “I genuinely like helping my brokers succeed – tremendous personal satisfaction there.” 
That satisfaction has been hard-fought, though, the result of regular travelling and late-night office sessions mixed with family obligations. “Some days I get off the road at 7 p.m., exhausted and hungry, but knowing my husband is working even later, I’m menu planning in my thoughts,” Morgan says.
She feels women in the industry are indeed making progress –she has worked with many women who are successful team leaders, sales colleagues, VPs and CEOs. For Morgan, it’s simply a question of finding the right person – man or woman – for the job. 

She would know, as her career has been an inspiration from the beginning. In the ’90s, Morgan was a single mom, managing a bank branch while chipping away at a business degree at Wilfrid Laurier University at night as her daughter looked on. “I’m so proud to say she has inherited my strong work ethic, which made up for the days she would ask, ‘Do you know when you go to work it’s dark and when you come home it’s dark?’” 

Morgan faced another challenge in 2008 when she was laid off for the first time, along with seven others, in the wake of the financial crisis. “I took it very personally, not realizing at the time that what was happening in the financial world was much bigger than me having to change roles,” she says. Eight years later, she has worked her way back to VP status, and has nothing but gratitude for the leadership at Invis/Mortgage Intelligence for placing their faith in her abilities and acknowledging her efforts. 
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