National director of brand development
Paradigm Quest 

Cynthia Kramer is a people person. After 20 years in the industry, she is an eternal student of the mortgage game as well as the business world at large. As national director of brand development at Paradigm Quest, she has plenty of opportunities to learn from a variety of unique personalities during her day-to-day transactions with colleagues and fellow professionals. 

No stranger to overcoming challenges, Kramer has experienced her fair share of life’s lessons. “When I started out in this industry, I was a single mom and loved being the Super Mom type,” she says. “There were many times when I needed to overcome the guilt factor. Passion for being a mom and a role model for my daughter drove me daily to absorb as much information as I could.” 

While Kramer believes women have come a long way from her early days in the industry, she still has a desire to see more women at the helm of the larger mortgage companies, which means they need to continue scaling the hurdles in their way. One particular hurdle for her was a breast cancer diagnosis in 2014. “I was being encouraged by many to take time off from my career, but i found it difficult to let go,” she says. “This was a very personal decision for me and my family, but the decision to continue working came easily and quickly.” Convinced that continuing to work throughout her battle with cancer was a contributing factor to her remission, Kramer says her love for the industry and the people around her kept her going. 
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