GAY ANDREWS,Caplink Financial Corporation
Executive vice-president
Caplink Financial Corporation 

Believing in the possible has always been Gay Andrews’ approach to both life and career. Despite having had many mentors throughout her career, she wishes at least one had been a woman. “I have not had the opportunity to learn from women in a mentorship capacity, which is the reason I am so passionate about it now,” she says. To that end, she’s dedicated herself to coaching young women in her roles as executive vice-president at Caplink Financial Corporation and as COO of Camrock Capital.

In the finance industry since 1981, Andrews first began her career at the Bank of Montreal, where she worked as a branch manager before leaving for an underwriting gig at Caplink. Throughout her career, one particular challenge she has found for women is their hesitancy in making their voices heard. “I would say, as women, we tend to not voice our opinions or our accomplishments – we should be standing up and shouting them out, sharing them.” She also suggests that women, while well represented in general in the industry, still have room to grow in leadership and mentorship roles within organizations and industry associations. 
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