LAURA STEIN,Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Negotiators
Mortgage consultant
Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Negotiators

In Vancouver’s thriving property market, it’s not surprising that more and more brokers have entered the business. As such, distinguishing yourself becomes that much tougher, but Laura Stein had a clear idea of what she wanted for her business. 

“I changed my business model to a face-to-face style of engagement with clients,” she says.  “I opened a mortgage store on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and invited people to drop by and talk to an expert and have their mortgage needs met. People responded slowly at first, but now the walk-in business is growing exponentially.” 

Exponentially, in this case, meant tripling her sales from the previous year – proof of the value of real interactions with clients, even in this digital age. 
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