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Genuine excitement about a job well done can be rare in what is, at times, a cynical, numbers-driven industry. However, Mel Lewis insists it’s her biggest motivator. “Helping families into homes or out of debt is the most rewarding part of this career,” she says. 

“People are genuinely appreciative and, more often than not, ecstatic to have been guided in the right direction.” Despite the challenges of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Lewis is determined to be involved in as many industry events and learning opportunities as possible to better optimize her leadership skills. 

While she feels women are slowly cementing their place in the mortgage game, Lewis believes women still need to continue striving for excellence under all circumstances. Her own particular challenges in Alberta, amidst a lagging economy and uncertain financial times, have been a game-changer in how she tackles the day-to-day business of being a mortgage broker. “Trying times for our province have made for some serious lending changes and restrictions,” she says. “I have been changing the way I approach each deal and client.” It’s certainly been a learning curve, not only for Lewis, but for the entire industry, province-wide. However, her determination to overcome these challenges makes her an inspiring addition to this year’s list. 
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