PAM PIKKERT,Dominion Lending Centres Regional Mortgage Group
Mortgage broker
Dominion Lending Centres Regional Mortgage Group 

As an owner of a thriving Dominion Lending Centres brokerage and a mother, Pam Pikkert has seen her share of challenges, both personally and professionally, but her tenacious spirit has helped her pull through. “I have to overcome mom-guilt for the trips away and the late nights, and dealt with personal issues while still trying to keep a smile in my voice,” she says. After watching a business partnership disintegrate before her eyes, she had to rebuild from nothing, attempting some seemingly great business ideas that ultimately resulted in a net loss. “There have been so many changes in our industry, which seem to make it harder by the day to even get a mortgage done,” she says. “But really, I just love the challenges we get to overcome and look forward to seeing what is next.” 

Pikkert feels today’s women have to be all things to all people, and that their male counterparts do not fully comprehend the pressure they face. She points to the large number of female brokers, but echoes many others on this list in pointing out the alarming lack of women in key leadership roles at lenders, brokerages and even associations. 

In spite of it all, Pikkert maintains her well-known sense of humour and cheerful attitude. “I have finally acknowledged that a fast food supper served to my family happily will not only save my sanity,” she says, “but it will be their preference to have this meal over a 
home-cooked one served with wild eyes.” 
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