SUSAN THOMAS,Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres
SVP of operations
Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres

Susan Thomas is a competitor – but she genuinely loves the fact that her mortgage industry competition can come together as respectful professionals to find ways to improve the industry, grow brokers’ market share in Canada and tackle issues such as the emergence of progressive technology. 

The latter is also creating challenges in Thomas’ day-to-day life. “With technology woven into every fabric of our lives, it is hard not to multitask,” she says. “I think work-life balance is a challenge I face on a daily basis, as we are bombarded with information.” She adds that it is essential to disseminate what you really need in order to be successful under the information onslaught. 

Success hasn’t come easy for Thomas, who has surmounted plenty of obstacles, including the financial crisis and its toll on the mortgage industry, as well as being diagnosed with lupus, which she says she doesn’t “let define me or affect my work.” 
Thomas echoes the sentiments of many others on this list in noticing the emergence of more females in the industry as a whole, yet a noticeable lack of gender representation in executive positions. “Changes will not happen overnight, but I do believe that over time, this will change,” she says. 
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