Mortgage professional
City Wide Mortgage Services

From 2005 to 2008, April Lee had the privilege of working alongside a female principal and manager, where she observed firsthand her tenacity, integrity, leadership, ingenuity and business savvy while working through the most challenging circumstances with poise and grace. That experience greatly influenced the way Lee approaches each customer, ultimately leading to her success today.

Lee believes that the key for women to remain competitive in the mortgage industry is to connect with, support and encourage one another. “There is no one better to understand the challenges of the work/family/life balance that we experience than other women,” Lee says. “We are CEOs, entrepreneurs, mothers and mentors. For these reasons, we need to continue to recognize and support women for their hard work, determination, perseverance and achievements.”

When it comes to her day-to-day business, Lee enjoys being a part of her clients’ home-buying experience. “I believe there is an emotional component to every client’s purpose for obtaining a mortgage,” she says. “Being able to tap into that and being a part of that milestone is a rewarding aspect.”

FSCO license: M14002282