Bryan Baker, Mortgage professional, SmartCap Inc. (Invis)

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Bryan Baker, Mortgage professional, SmartCap Inc. (Invis),SmartCap Inc. (Invis)
Age: 33

As a mortgage professional, Bryan Baker follows a rather unique business model: He works primarily with financial planners and helps clients manage their debt and cash flow more effectively through selected programs. “I have a genuine interest in helping people save money, in taking the time to show them a better way and making a true impact in their financial lives,” he says. “It makes my job rewarding. The icing on top is having control over my time and financial future.”

Baker has pitched to and won over several independent financial planning firms, becoming their mortgage broker of choice by demonstrating the effectiveness of this particular business model. For 2017, he hopes to work on strengthening his brand and relationships within the financial planning channel, and for his team to become “debt experts for all client needs.”

Outside of his day job, Baker will participate in the upcoming Mortgage 20/20 Broker Forum, in partnership with the Real Estate Council of Alberta, to discuss emerging issues, trends and challenges in the industry.
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