Chris Turcotte, President and COO, Centum Financial Group

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Chris Turcotte, President and COO, Centum Financial Group,Centum Financial Group
Age: 35

For the past three years, Chris Turcotte has been managing operations for three Centum franchises in Manitoba, all while completing upwards of 80 mortgages per year without the help of an underwriter or full-time assistant. Six months ago, Turcotte became the youngest leader of a broker network when he took on his current role as president and COO of Centum Financial Group – and he’s just getting started. “The possibilities are endless with the right drive and relentlessness,” he says. “The magical but sobering thing about this industry is that you get out what you put in.”

For 2017, Turcotte is looking to launch new front- and back-end technology for the Centum network, along with a robust CRM program, all at no cost to brokers. He is a firm believer in the impact of social media and is committed to establishing Centum as an industry leader in this area. “Our number-one priority at Centum,” he says, “[is] to educate our agents on how to market themselves in the 2017 broker environment.”
“Put yourself on a realistic salary from the beginning that includes money put aside for taxes. Annually or semi-annually, review whether or not you’re giving yourself a raise. So many young brokers have a great year and instantly start to live beyond their means, and they never think of the tax man at the end of the year.”
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