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Derek MacLean, Senior mortgage agent, Verico Capital Mortgages,Verico Capital Mortgages
Age: 35

Already an industry veteran with more than a decade of experience in the mortgage industry to his name, Derek MacLean has built a reputation as an expert in residential, commercial and construction mortgages in the \ Ottawa region. MacLean’s experience and effective use of technology have allowed him to create systems that not only function at a high level, but also easily adapt to recent changes in the business. “My focus is rather simple: Knowledge is power,” he says. “We are at the forefront of the communication era. Therefore, we strive to provide key insight, choice and opportunity to clients across a wide array of lending channels.”

Recently, MacLean won Verico’s National Top Funding Award for 2016; he attributes his success to the implementation of a sound communication strategy that has produced loyal repeat clients and dedicated referral sources. MacLean also received the company’s Diamond Award last year for being the number-one income-generating agent, as well as the Milestone Funding Award, Rain Maker Award and Platinum Funding Award.
“Being able to develop your industry knowledge and skill set under the guidance of an experienced mortgage professional is invaluable if you are looking to enter the business.”
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