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Kyle Green, Owner, DLC Homeline Mortgages,DLC Homeline Mortgages
Age: 30

In 2016, Kyle Green funded more than $110 million worth of mortgages, holding onto his title as Mortgage Alliance’s top producing franchise agent, which he has held since 2011. Since going independent in 2009, Green has funded $458 million in mortgages, growing his volume by approximately 40% year-over-year. Starting his career as a mortgage broker in 2006, Green carved out a niche as an investment property specialist. His years of experience working with various investment groups has made him a go-to resource for financing investment properties in Canada. This year, Green plans to continually grow his business and create better workflows while finalizing his brokerage’s switch to DLC, which he says “[will] allow us to grow our home insurance franchise through Insureline.”

For new brokers coming into the industry, Green suggests finding a niche to better succeed in a competitive market. “Most people know at least two other mortgage brokers,” he says. “By having a niche, it gave people a reason to deal with the 20-something-year-old instead of someone older, who they would perceive as being more experienced.”
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