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Marcus Arkan, Broker and managing partner, Syndicate Mortgages,Syndicate Mortgages
Age: 34

Recently, Marcus Arkan and his team at Syndicate Mortgages established an operation in the US, becoming the first intercontinental brokerage in North America to use the same name within Canada and the US. In addition to the expansion, Syndicate Mortgages also launched an online company,, which offers more than 400 different financial calculators to help consumers better understand their mortgages.

“This year we are working diligently to create a strong connection between the US and Canadian real estate markets,” Arkan says. “There are many incredible investment opportunities in many US cities that are experiencing a huge growth in their infrastructure that can provide great ROIs. In return, we want to also bring in more Americans to Canada ... to obtain reliable real estate investments.”

Arkan has always felt a strong pull to help his fellow Canadians in any way he can. That, combined with his natural strengths in math and finance, drew him to the mortgage industry. “Everyone’s financial background varies, and not every lender has an appetite for every deal,” he says, “so it becomes an art to structure an application ethically for a lender to appreciate the file. Many of us are great artists who paint a story with numbers.”
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