Maxime Stencer, Director of business development, Merix Financial

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Maxime Stencer, Director of business development, Merix Financial,Merix Financial
Age: 35

After having worked in Desjardins Mortgage’s Montreal market, Maxime Stencer was offered the opportunity in late 2014 to spearhead the company’s plan to expand into Ontario. After a little more than two years, he was able to establish Desjardins as a competitive lender, despite its relatively small footprint in the province. Stencer then joined Merix Financial in 2016, launching its service offering in Quebec to help the company finally establish a presence in all 10 Canadian provinces. In less than 12 months, Merix has registered and accredited nearly 90% of brokers in the province.

Stencer explains how he found his way into his current role and how the lending side of the business appeals to young people today: “I was working in a retail banking branch and loved to get involved in business development initiatives that weren’t necessarily part of my responsibilities. This involvement introduced me to the various roles surrounding the work of a BDM, and helped me realize that my assets and skills catered to this field. I enjoy the fast-paced, goal-focused and solution-oriented environment of being a BDM for a mortgage lender, and I am proud of the work I do to help both brokers and consumers achieve their dreams and goals. I think young people are attracted to the industry because of just that … not only are you doing positive work by helping people achieve their dream of homeownership, but it’s an exciting, fast-paced environment that forces you to think on your feet and requires to be at the top of your game virtually every day.”
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