Dan Plowman Team Realty
Whitby, ON

In his 27 years in the business, Dan Plowman has been a multiple award winner, a record setter and, as the founder of Dan Plowman Systems, a highly successful real estate sales coach and consultant. In a highly competitive environment where coaching has become critical to survival, Plowman says agents need to choose their mentors wisely.

“Hire a coaching company that is actively selling in today’s market,” he says. “And make sure they’re selling a lot more homes than you do. Don’t fall for fluff and fancy words, they should deliver a system they live by.”

Plowman’s expertly trained team and a willingness to test forward-thinking strategies have allowed him to stay ahead of the Durham market for years.

“I learned early on that hard work was not enough. The biggest lesson for me over the years is that without an up-to-date system combined with the labour, the rate of failure is extremely high.”