Lethbridge, AB

The team at DLC Mortgage Excellence has been focusing on increasing every associate’s quality of life by developing a comprehensive underwriting team.

“We are concentrating on providing agents with stress-free vacation time, as well as total client care when unforeseen circumstances takes an agent away from their business,” a team member says. “A great example of this was earlier in the year, when one of our top agents unexpectedly had to leave his business for a week because he was having a baby two months earlier than expected. Our underwriting team stepped in to all of his deals so he could take the time to be with his family. He then went back to his office without having to catch up on everything he missed. The great part was that his clients didn’t even notice a difference!”

The brokerage’s “stress-free” culture has certainly paid off – last year, Mortgage Excellence funded 670 loans worth more than $187 million. “Our goal at DLC Mortgage Excellence is to give each agent the best experience,” the team member says, “not only for their clients, but also for their family.”

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