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Where: Director of Public Relations and Communications with Dominion Lending Centres.
Years in the business: 8.5 years

• Starting CMP Magazine in Canada alongside one sales rep on behalf of Australian owner KMI. I didn’t know very much about mortgages at that time when I became editor, aside from having a mortgage. I had worked as editor on a number of publications, but never in an industry with such an extensive learning curve!
• Helping to launch CMP’s first magazine in 2006 and the CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards in 2007.
• Moving over to DLC in a newly created role as Director of PR & Communications in November 2008. DLC was in its infancy when I joined the head office team (less than three years old), and helping spread the word about the excellent tools and services DLC had to offer brokers and agents across Canada was very exciting.

What are some of the challenges that face female brokers?
I think female and male brokers face the same challenges – generating business and successfully ensuring deals end up funded when competing with bank branches and bank road reps. Our biggest challenge continues to be getting our message out about why brokers should be the first choice for everyone in need of a mortgage. That’s why it’s essential that every mortgage company and association across Canada collectively work together to spread this important message.

Why are you influential?
One of my strong points has always been helping provoke thought and getting the conversation started. I have a passion for the industry and in working hard to help brokers and agents grow their businesses and thrive. I believe that shines through in everything that I do, and that my work ethic and dedication are contagious. My favourite part of my role is seeing new brokers eager to get started and launch their careers.

I will do anything I can to help build upon their ideas and ensure more clients come through their door. I am an eternal optimist who can find the good in every situation and I will work long hours to get each task done to the best of my ability. I am a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, and I will review every project numerous times upon completion to ensure I have not missed anything.

I am always open to lending my ideas and input to anyone who asks me for help. Along the way, I feel successful if others take my creations as their own and raise awareness for their business and the value for consumers of working with a licensed mortgage professional for all their mortgage needs.

Who has influenced you?
My Mom was the first woman to ever influence me, and she taught me to never settle for anything. Work hard, love what you do and you will be rewarded.

One woman I met when I first entered this industry and who continues to inspire me is Hali Strandlund. She is proof that hard work, passion and dedication can get you far.

Although the industry has come a long way, there is still somewhat of an old boys’ club mentality. It is women like Hali that have made themselves be heard and helped change things within the industry, including the associations, to make sure that the industry continues to change and evolve, as opposed to just doing things a certain way because that’s how they’ve always been done.

Is a list like this even necessary today?
I wouldn’t say it’s entirely necessary, but anything that celebrates women – or people in general – across this industry is always welcome. There is very little kudos in this industry for a job well done.
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