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Deb White,Dominion Lending Centre White House Mortgages
Where: Owner and sub-mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centre White House Mortgages
Years in the business: 15

• In 2005, opening the doors of White House Mortgages.
• When my daughter decided to take her sub mortgage brokers course in 2006, and become a broker and work with me.
• In 2010, I was awarded MBABC Community Service Award.
• In 2011, I was nominated Woman of the Year for Vernon.
• In 2012, I was awarded CMA Community Service Award.
• In 2013, I was voted MBABC VP.
• In 2014, I was awarded Professional Service Award for Vernon from the Chamber of Commerce.
• In 2014, I was nominated for Best Customer Service with CMA and Community Service award.
• In 2014, one of my brokers nominated me for Women of Worth award where I placed in the finals.
• In 2014, White House Mortgage built our own office building.
• Have been in the top 30 brokers for CMP for the past 4 years.
• White House Mortgages has maintained being in the top 20 franchises with DLC for the past 4 years.

Why are you influential?
I had trouble with this one so I asked my brokers and co-workers “why am I influential?” Below are the responses that I received:
• Whenever I’m working on a quirky deal, I ask myself “what would Deb do?” I would say that if I can answer that question, I’ll be able to get the deal done. You instill confidence in your team and support your brokers in times of need.
• You are not only a good leader, but also a fantastic teacher/mentor... especially with ‘green’ people!
• You are not afraid to make decisions.
• You are clear, concise and confident.
• You find the positive in everything.
• You are energetic.
• You build others’ confidence.
• You multi-task like mad.
• You have an awesome network of peers.
• You are flexible, adaptable and quick-thinking.
• You know your stuff!
• You are trustworthy.
• You are prominent in the community.
• You are trustworthy and treat everyone with respect.
• You are tenacious and will stand up for the little guy.
• You are successful in your ability to make your case.
• Because you continue to give back in your community. As busy as you are running a successful business, you still take time to give back and be involved!
• I would add that you have true leadership qualities in which you lead by example and people WANT to make a difference in their community because of the example you are setting.
• Always willing to help, educate and promote your brokers.
• Dedicated to a high level of service.

Who has influenced you?
In my personal life I would have to say my husband, my kids and my best friend Cali.

My kids have always been there to support me and cheer me on; they give me the confidence to know I can handle anything that life has in mind for me. My husband supports me with everything that I do! It is because of him that I opened up White House in 2005. Of course I was nervous and scared but, because of his support, I was able to open the doors with confidence. Cali, well, she has gone through a lot in the past few years suffering a massive stroke in 2009. She was told that she wouldn’t walk or talk ever again… yet she is! Her positive outlook on life and her happy disposition is what has brought her this far. She is a true hero in my books and I could not admire her more.

In my business life I would have to say that would be Hali Strandlund Noble. She has always believed in me when I didn’t and she would give me the nudge that I needed to take the next step in my career. She is there for me when I need a chat.

What are some of the challenges that face female brokers?
Female brokers are far more compassionate than men, and this can be both a positive and a negative. It gives us the drive to get through those tough deals and get them done, however it can also take its toll on us when we just can’t help them and the clients blame us for their poor credit or income. Also, women have many hats. For instance, I am a mom, wife, grandma and a huge community supporter.

I remember when I started in my brokering career; my children were aged 10, 12, 14 and 16. That was a handful to work all day and come home to. Luckily I made it through, so now when I go home I can relax... but I do recall those hard full days. Also, to make it in the industry, you have to be very strong -- you cannot be shy, that is for sure. You must show confidence (even if on that day you are not), otherwise you will not flourish. I really hate to say it, but in some areas of all industries, you will still find the old boys’ clubs. So, as long as you stand tall and let your voice be heard, you will strive in any business.

Is a list like this even necessary today?
I believe you are asking if we still need to differentiate between men and women brokers. Should there be an article for men and for women? When I sit here and think about my contacts and supporters in the industry (realtors, fellow brokers, etc.) the majority are women; however I do have a few really good male friend brokers/contacts across Canada. I think that the women in the industry are sometimes “short changed” and not given the acknowledgement and credit that they deserve. Saying this, I do see the industry shifting. I see women becoming more prominent and being heard and, most importantly, respected.
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