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Sabeena Bubber,Verico Xeva Mortgage
Where: Verico Xeva Mortgage
Number of years spent in the business: I have been in the mortgage business for 21 years, and I started as a mortgage broker 10 years ago.

• Making CMP’s top 75 Brokers by Volume list for five consecutive years.
• Being voted best on the North Shore by the North and West Vancouver communities.
• In 2013 I was selected as a Five Star Professional by Vancouver residents.
• Last year I merged my firm with three other Verico firms to create Xeva Mortgage which was a great move for my long-term career goals.

Is a list like this even necessary today?
Absolutely! There are many women in this industry that I look up to that have had to fight their way to where they are. I love to be inspired by other successful women that I can learn from. We, as women, should be here to support each other because we really understand the struggles that we each face as entrepreneurs.

Why are you influential?
I honour my commitments and I am always there for those who need me. I am driven to achieve and I have been driven to succeed for as long as I can remember. It hasn’t been easy. I am always fully engaged and participating in the moment, whether it’s in work, social or family, I don’t take myself out of the game.

I am caring and passionate about life, love and work and it shows! I honour my commitments to instill a feeling of trust. I am compassionate with myself and with others; everybody has a story and wants to be heard. I believe in the best of people. My connections are authentic, honest and with integrity. I am this way with everyone in my life; my clients, my friends, my family and any person I meet.

What are some of the challenges that face female brokers?
There’s no such thing as balance! I have spent so many years learning to run a business, learning to raise a family and dealing with constant change in the marketplace. The lines between work and my personal life are blurred… if they even exist at all. Being a mortgage broker is demanding and to find a way to pick myself up after I fall isn’t always the easiest. Having a good support network is extremely important. My husband, my parents, my children and my colleagues are critical to my success. They are there for me.
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