Lisa Valade

Lisa Valade

Where: Regional Manager with Invis - Mortgage Intelligence
Number of years spent in the business: 28

I believe simply my career milestones have been to learn every facet of this industry from every perspective, from fulfillment, to underwriting, sales & management. This knowledge allows me to appreciate all our lender partners and in my current role to assist others to help them be successful which is my driving force.

I believe in crosstraining and the development of people. I am happy to say that some individuals that I’ve had the privilege to be part of their development have gone on to fantastic management and training careers in our industry. Most of my career has been in the B-space or subprime - terms understood depending on when you entered this ever-changing business, which has allowed me to think outside of the box and look for opportunities. I proudly assisted with the implementation and staffing for Wells Fargo Home Plan Mortgage.

Is a list like this even necessary today?
It’s always nice to recognize and highlight the best in our industry both male and female. Lists are good: they keep us all on our toes and professional.

Why are you influential?
I believe I have some influence with my peers and colleagues because of my experience on both the lender side of the business and the broker side. Working both ends of this business gives you a direct insight on the challenges faced day to day on both sides of the business.

Also, it’s not rocket science -- I believe in sharing best practices. To be successful in the mortgage brokerage industry comes down to processes and staying in touch with your clients. I have had the privilege in working with some of the best out there and they all have this in common.

Who has influenced you?
Any company I have ever worked for including my first job at McDonald’s in high school where customer service was driven into your head in such a way that is became automatic. I do, however, remember a pivotal moment when I was a BDM for a lender. I met with my Director of Sales Brian Smith for Wells Fargo Home Plan Mortgage and I was explaining how I thought my sales calls went for that week. He said to me, Lisa, you are “selling” instead of “listening.”

That day changed my strategy forever and boy was I thankful for that lesson. You learn so much more from listening. We are often too quick to make the “sale” and listen only to respond instead to understand. This is where the true learning begins.

Some successful brokers that I’ve had the privilege to work for are John Cavan of Mortgage Architects, Carolyn Callero of Verico - Premiere Mortgage Centre; both of whom are very successful in their businesses and have these systems in place. Kerri Reed/VP – Verico Premiere Mortgage Centre – a true leader in this industry whom I share the same visions to help others become successful and I thank them all for their influence.

What are some of the challenges that face female brokers?
Not so much today but when I entered the business it was very much a “boys’ club” with lenders and the like. Not anymore; many female brokers are making the top lists for lenders and industry award functions.

At Invis - Mortgage Intelligence we have had many female brokers/agents receive regional and national recognition. In fact we took two awards home at the CMA Awards evening in Toronto; one for Top New Comer Brokerage: Ana Cruz/Lisa Pellerin of Mortgage Intelligence LA Mortgage Team, and Carmen Alpaerts of Any Mortgage For You – Invis for Best Community Award, all of which were women! If anything, female and male brokers/agents today have to be concerned about their safety first and foremost as we are a customer service-driven industry often meeting the public in their homes. Working smart and safe always is the key.

FSCO license: M08002885