Rena Malkah

Rena Malkah

Where: Founder, President and CEO of CYR Funding Inc.
Years in the business: 40 years -- since March 1974.

• I am the first female mortgage broker in Ontario.
• First female President of the Ontario Mortgage Brokers Association in 1984.
• In the early 1980s, I authored and taught the Commercial Mortgages segment of the Mortgage Broker’s Course along with being the Chairman of Education.
• Many brokers have my signature on their Education Certificate which entitled them to apply for their licence.
• I also created the first annual mortgage brokers conference and trade show.

Is a list like this even necessary today?
Today women are treated as equals in this business. We’ve come a long way from the time 40 years ago when women couldn’t borrow money in most cases without a man’s guarantee.

Why are you influential?
I am influential as I was a pioneer for thousands of women to have careers in the mortgage brokerage field and related fields in what was a traditionally male-dominated field.

Who has influenced you?
The original members of the Ontario Mortgage Brokers Association who mentored me.

FSCO license: M08010417