ADO TOPUZ,Agent Locator
Agent Locator
Mississauga, ON

“The conversion rate off internet leads is 1.5% for a typical agent,” says Agent Locator founder Ado Topuz. “But a team who knows what they’re doing these days is converting about 5.5-6%.”

Agent Locator has become an indispensable tool for over 1,800 agents across Canada looking to expand their business. The company’s proprietary software not only generates leads, it also helps convert them by tracking visitors’ browsing activity, automatically creating a prospect match and sending listings to prospective clients, continually bringing them back to an agent’s website. Topuz says 11.5% of the traffic to the company’s sites is converted into leads.

Agent Locator, which enjoys the highest level of Google partnership in Canada, will soon be making a foray into AI capabilities, adding autonomous lead responses to its CRM system. This spring, SMS messages will begin being automatically sent to clients, offering them the opportunity to have a prospect match devised for them. Topuz says 36.6% of all the leads they generate end up responding to that first message.
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