CHRISTINE RAE,CSP International Staging Business Academy
CSP International Staging Business Academy
St Catharines, ON

Over 5,000 students have graduated from Christine Rae’s CSP International Staging Business Academy since it opened in 2009. With offices in Canada, Australia and the US, CSP is the only organization in the world offering recognized certification in the burgeoning staging industry.

“When you offer certification in a non-regulated industry,” Rae says, “it offers quantifiable evidence that you have received education and training and it helps separate you from those who don’t have it. Really, it’s an endorsement of integrity and competence.”

While CSP’s curriculum includes design and decorating, it is far more concerned with helping new stagers come to grips with the breadth of their new business – the marketing, billing, pricing and contract processes that can overwhelm anyone new to the industry.

“You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell your services, if you don’t know how to price or communicate a message to the seller, you’re not going to have a business,” Rae says. “There’s more to it than fluffing cushions.”
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