CRAIG PROCTOR,Craig Proctor Seminars
Craig Proctor Seminars
Toronto, ON

When you ask most real estate coaches what sets them apart from their competition, you don’t get much for an answer. Not so with Craig Proctor.

“Most of the coaches today have either never sold real estate or they haven’t sold real estate in 20 or 30 years,” he says. “That’s what makes me unique. I actually made millions and millions of dollars every year selling real estate. I did it for a long time and I’ve done it very recently.”

Proctor was RE/MAX’s top agent worldwide for most of his 22-year career in real estate, a legacy that has helped him amass an army of disciples.

His wealth of experience has allowed him to create more millionaire real estate agents than any other coach out there working today.

“What these other coaches and trainers will do is call upon top agents to come to their seminars and endorse them, but that coach didn’t create their success,” Proctor says. “They may have more agents attend their conferences, but nobody’s done more of making agents rich than I have.”
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