DAN GEMUS,Dan Gemus Real Estate Team
Dan Gemus Real Estate Team
Amherstburg, ON

If being ahead of the curve makes a broker worthy of a Hot List nod, few are as deserving as Dan Gemus. His team is known throughout the Windsor-Essex market for its media savvy, which has resulted in the area’s best-marketed properties. Gemus is the only broker in the area employing a full-time media production department, developing video series for not only the team’s properties, but also Windsor-area businesses and charities.

Gemus is also proud of the systems he has put in place, which organize the team’s processes from top to bottom.

“From the moment a lead comes in, whether it be a sign call or an online lead, there is a checklist and a system for it,” Gemus says. As exhaustive step-by-step processes are in place for both listings and buyers, agents know exactly what is expected of them.”

“Nothing gets missed,” Gemus says.
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